All cost and other information contained in the products, printed and online are supported using our specific cost examples. The figures derived are drawn from the knowledge and experience of the developer. Many of the costs are presented as a summary which may be viewed on-line. The site and contents thereof represents, to the best of our knowledge, the most accurate and correct figures available. Calcsoft BV, the creator of the site can in no way guarantee or be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information therein. Calcsoft accepts no liability for damages or any other claim of any nature whatsoever arising from actions and / or decisions based on such information as contained in our products. Users of this site are strongly recommended that this information should not be used in isolation and the numbers, figures used to calculate a project should be checked by professionals before further action is undertaken. CalcSoft BV uses Conditions for all products. These apply to all agreements with CalcSoft BV.

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    Simple, Easy to use

    BimCalc is a very easy to use product. Our cost-consultants use Bimcalc to compare differtent IFC models in the design phases.

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    Cheap, great functionality

    We advise our clients, who are not designers, to use BIMCalc. Cheap, easy to use and able to give feedback thrue a pdf-document.

About Us

BIMCalc is a development of CalcSoft BV.

Calcsoft develops cost information and calculation tools for architects and consultants. BIMCalc is an product in line with these tools,.