An easy to use solution for IFC-models


BIMCalc is an easy and very simple tool to view, compare IFC models and make comments to share thoughts with designers and other stakeholders.

Download BIMCalc

BIMCalc is free to download. After downloading and installing you can test the program before buying a licence. After installing you can use the program for 60 days.



With BIMCalc you have a lot of oppertunities to view, compare IFC models. Moving true the model you can show the properties of elements and make remarks to share. See our tutorial for the oppertunities.


Easy to use Viewer

BIMCalc is a easy to use IFC-viewer. You are able to move to the model en see all the element-properties.

Comparing IFC-models

Changes in IFC models are hard to find. With BIMCalc you can compare two or more IFC models and check the changes.

Making remarks

Want to inform stakeholders about your ideas in the model or make any remarks. With BIMCalc it is very easy and report the remarks in a pdf.

Small program

Normal IFC viewers as very large to install. BIMCalc is specially made for users who would like to view a model without installing a memory killing program with futures which are never uses. Bimcalc: Simple, cheap and cleaver.

See how it works

BimCalc feature
Comparing models

Very usefull in BIMCalc is the feature to compare different IFC models. You can track the changes of the design. Ou tool will analayse and show the elements which are changed, removed or added. A very quick way to see the developments.

BIMcalc feature, making remarks
Making remarks

With BIMCalc you can make remarks to elements in de model. From all the elements an export in pdf can be generated with an overview of the remarks. Every remark is visualized with an image of the element.

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    Simple, Easy to use

    BimCalc is a very easy to use product. Our cost-consultants use Bimcalc to compare differtent IFC models in the design phases.

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    Cheap, great functionality

    We advise our clients, who are not designers, to use BIMCalc. Cheap, easy to use and able to give feedback thrue a pdf-document.

About Us

BIMCalc is a development of CalcSoft BV.

Calcsoft develops cost information and calculation tools for architects and consultants. BIMCalc is an product in line with these tools,.